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Yes. Every single one of our beeswax candles uses 100% pure beeswax gathered from the USA.

Yes. All of our candles use 100% cotton wick.

Our square braided cotton wicking is designed specifically for the use in beeswax candles. They utilize a " bleaching " process to whiten the wicking and remove impurities through the use of a salt solution resulting in a cleaner burning wicking. No bleaches or peroxides are used.

No. We do not offer wholesale, private label, or make custom candles.

We are having issues getting color dye. We’ve discontinued all dye-added solid candles (i.e. all colors but natural). We don't know if/when they will return. We apologize for the inconvenience.
We don't have a phone service. We apologize for any inconvenience.

If you'd like to contact us, please do so using the form below.

We respond within 1 business day, usually much sooner. If you haven't received a response, please check your spam folder (free email services like yahoo, aol, gmail, etc may mark our responses as spam).
Bee Hive Candles Inc., 8582 Tilbury Rd, Maple Falls WA, 98266 (Warehouse is not open to the public.)

No. Unfortunately we are not able to offer candle making advice. Google will usually have some basic help to get you started.

Yes, beeswax is very resilient. We've shipped all over the US without any issues. Rest assured your beeswax candles will be delivered perfectly intact regardless of the weather.

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