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The Story of Bee Hive Candles

Bee Hive Candles was started in the cold winter months of 2000 after taking the step from hobby candle maker to professional chandler. My interest in bees and beeswax started in 1988 when I was a summertime bee keeper for a honey farm in northern Minnesota (my husband and I relocated to Washington state in 1995). Knowing just how exceptional beeswax is and having a genuine passion in making and using candles, we experimented for years making different types of beeswax candles both for our personal use and as gifts for family and friends.

Thus began Bee Hive Candles, initially a very small business run out of our home, starting with hand made molds and using our stove and old cooking pots to melt our beeswax. We still consider our company a small business but we have grown over the years, from our kitchen, to a spare room, to a garage, to a small workshop, and now a large fully dedicated workshop. Our product line has also grown significantly; we offer more products than ever and will continue to grow our product base to meet the needs of our clients.

Jennifer Wesolowski
Founder, President

Our company is growing, but our dedication to making the world's best beeswax candles while offering outstanding customer service continues to run strong.


Why Choose Bee Hive Candles | Our Commitment To You | Our Commitment To Earth

Why Choose Bee Hive Candles

Bee Hive Candles has been a leader in creating the world's best beeswax candles for nearly 20 years. It's not by luck we've accomplished such a feat. It's taken years of constant product improvement, attention to every detail from wick to wax, listening and acting upon our clients' feedback, and an unstoppable desire to produce the best beeswax candles on the planet! Why choose beeswax candles from Bee Hive Candles?

Here's why:

We Use Only 100% Pure Beeswax

100% Pure Beeswax

There is no rule, regulation, or law that states the amount of beeswax needed to be present in a candle before it can be called a beeswax candle. You'd be surprised at the amount of so called beeswax candles that contain tiny amounts of beeswax so the manufacturer can misleadingly name their product a beeswax candle. Be sure the beeswax candle you are buying is indeed pure 100% beeswax. Don't be fooled, if the candle doesn't say 100% beeswax, it most likely isn't.

We use only clean, lightly filtered, 100% pure beeswax from beeswax cappings in our candles, with no filler or additives to enhance the wax. Sure, we use 100% essential oils and eco-friendly color to scent or color some of our candles, but the wax is still 100% all natural US beeswax.

Our Unbeatable 6 Month Guarantee

We stand behind everything we create and are confident you will love our beeswax candles! We don't want you to be simply satisfied with your beeswax candles, we want you to be absolutely thrilled!

We offer this guarantee because we know you will love our beeswax candles; you won't find the other guys offering this type of guarantee.

If you don't agree that our candles are the best beeswax candles you have ever owned, or if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us within 6 months of receiving your order and we'll make it right.

Save With Tiered Discounts

Tiered Discounts

Most of our beeswax candles have a built-in tiered discount. Save 10% when you buy 6 to 11, Save 15% when you buy 12 or more of the same size and type of candle (any mix of colors). Example: Buy 12 3x6 beeswax pillar candles and you'll automatically save 15%.

About once a month we send out a newsletter listing any products we have on sale. Usually these sale products stack with our built-in tiered product discounts already available on our website. Combine that with our shipping offers and you are saving a bundle!

Low Cost Shipping Rates and Fast Service

Shipping Box

No one wants to pay shipping charges, this is a simple truth. We do everything we can to minimize shipping costs to you, our clients. We offer a low-fee flat rate shipping offer for any size order, as well as a free shipping offer on orders over $175. Warning - some businesses who offer a shipping break let your order sit around for days or give less precedence to your order because you picked the lower cost shipping option.

Regardless of what shipping method you choose with us, we still process your order as quickly as possible and ship your order in a timely manner. Many orders ship the same day the order is placed!

We Hand Pour & Hand Finish Our Candles

Hand Poured Beeswax Candles

The process of manufacturing a beeswax candle is a delicate process. It takes a great attention to detail along every step of the way to ensure our beeswax candles aren't just satisfactory, but the best beeswax candles available anywhere!

Some candle makers will ship you their product directly after removing it from the mold where it is often unleveled, uneven, and simply unattractive. We've always taken the time to carefully hand finish each candle so that our beeswax candles are as stunning to look at as they are beautiful to burn.

Our Commitment to our Clients

Our Clients Are Awesome

We use the word client rather than customer as it makes a distinction that we want to create a relationship with those that choose to purchase our beeswax candles and candle accessories, and not just a quick one-time sale. We make every effort to ensure your experience with us, both shopping online and using our beeswax candles, is as enjoyable as possible.

Our Commitment to the World

We Love Our Earth!

We have always strived to be environmentally conscious. We want to make this world in a better place. Not because it has become the "in thing" to be (which is a great step in the right direction) but because we've always held the values that come along with taking care of our environment and being responsible with our choices.

Minimal Packaging

We keep our labeling and packaging material to a minimum not only to keep costs low but to keep any potential waste down. Most candles are labeled only with a paper label. We avoid plastics whenever possible. We do not shrink wrap our candles in plastic. Instead of plastic we wrap our beeswax candles in kraft paper to help protect them from damage during shipping.

Earth Conscious Materials

All of the candle labels we use are printed from recycled paper using vegetable based inks. We buy only biodegradable packing peanuts. If you happen to find other types of peanuts it's just us reusing them from other orders we've received, please do the same if you can. The shipping boxes we use are often times reusable and always recyclable. We try to reuse any boxes we receive, which is sometimes why the box you get may be from Amazon or elsewhere.

We kindly ask you to continue the reuse cycle and either reuse the boxes and packaging materials or simply recycle them. It does make a difference.

Green Building

Bee Hive Candles Workshop

Our workshop was built with the environment in mind too. We practiced techniques to minimize any waste products and used materials that offer great heating, cooling, and electrical savings. All of our lighting is high efficiency T8 fluorescent bulbs or LED bulbs. We even heat the building with propane rather than electricity.

Bee Hive Candles is 100% powered by sustainable Green Power. That means all of our electricity is produced from renewable, sustainable sources, such as wind, solar or biomass.

Giving Back

We feel it's important to give something back, to the community and other individuals and organizations that are less fortunate or in need of help. We make monetary donations to charities around the country and encourage you to donate your time or resources too. One of our favorite non-profit charities is St Jude Children's Hospital. Please visit the St Jude donation page if you'd like to help.